Archaic are a thrash metal band from Hungary, influenced by bands such as Testament, Slayer, Kreator and The Haunted. The band has a clear aim to carry on the flag of the classic thrash genre with a modern 21st century sound, diverese tempos, catchy melodies impregnated with a relentless energy on stage in order to give the best live experience for any metal fan attending our gigs.


Archaic have three full-length studio albums and hundreds of gigs in their long history. After the release of their first album ’Time Has Come to Envy the Dead (2005 Vic Records) and an intensive 5-year period of gigs and tours, including a support tour with Testament, the band was forced to stop for many years becuse of varoius personal reasons and line-up changes, until they reunited again with a new line-up and came back with a brand new release called ’How much blood would you shed to stay alive?’ in December 2017.

With help of the label Nail Records, the album was an attachement of the Hungarian Hammerworld magazine thus reaching a wide audience in the country and became immediately popular and received positive reviews and feedback in all the major metal magazines.

The album cover made by artist Peter Sallai (Annihilator, Sabaton, Hammerfall) and studio production done by Attila Vörös (ex- Nevermore, Satyricon) were voted as Hungary’s best in 2017 by the Hungarian metal press.

The band went on to release new videos, playing as many gigs as possible, both in Hungary and in Europe. One of the most important stage in their life took place in 2019 when they managed to play in Wacken as part of the international Wacken Metal Battle competition representing Hungary and they made it to the 2nd place in the finals, making them the first band from their country reaching such a prominent position.

Later on in 2020 they continued the recordings of their upcoming album but unfortunate line-up changes, the covid pandemic and other factors set new obstacles in the way. The most significant change happened at the position of the lead vocalist, as after Tamás left the band, the guitarist, Peter stepped into his place, and it took a while to rearrange and re-record the vocal tracks for the new songs.

The new album named as “The Endgame Protocol” was finally finished by the end of 2021. The album was released on 4 March 2022.The album received excellent international reviews, resulting in a growing interest in the band.

In Hungary, 'The'Endgame Protocol' was the album of the month in HammerWorld magazine and also opened at no. 2 in the domestic sales charts. Along with the outstanding reception of the album, the band has also received international acclaim.

After this the band kept on playing live as much as possible in clubs and festivals, both in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries and at the end of 2023 signed a worldwide deal with the US based Extreme Managment Group in order to enter the international metal metal scene on a larger scale and to pave the the way for their upcoming 4th album which is currently in production.


Erdélyi Péter – vocal, guitar
Püski László – guitar
Szabó Csaba Zoltán – drums
Gábor Illés - Bass


The Endgame Protocol
(2022 – H-music)

How Much Blood Would You Shed to Stay Alive?
(2018 – Nail records)

Time Has Come to Envy the Dead
(2005 – Vic Records)


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